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Limousine Rental Service: 5 Best Scenic Drives in Singapore

best scenic drives singapore

In today’s fast-paced world, an hour-long journey seems unattainable. Your thoughts can stray to the unfinished paperwork instead of a pleasurable road vacation. So, the planned road trip remains on schedule. And while work focus helps, too much of it is not good at all. Too much work can increase your physical and mental fatigue, decreasing your satisfaction in life.

That is why you should visit a stress-relieving location in Singapore. Perhaps you’ll be in awe of the scenic view or discover the country’s hidden gems. Whatever it is, always remember that some of the best relaxing memories come from road trips.

As Dalai Lama said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” And to attain a perfect relaxation trip, hire a limousine rental service in Singapore.

Why Should You Book a Limousine to Explore Singapore?

You already spend too much time worrying about your job and your personal life; perhaps it’s time to stop worrying about other issues, like the drawbacks of driving your car. If you want a perfect trip with you or your loved ones, book an affordable limousine service in Singapore, such as Top Limousine SG.

Only experienced drivers are employed to operate such luxurious vehicles, so you can expect your journey to be as comfortable, satisfying, and worry-free as possible.

Go on! Take a Tour with Singapore’s Best Scenic Drive!

When you are in Singapore, you can see how the country deserves a reputation as the world’s cleanest city. Apart from this, there’s more to see in the country! There are bound to be more roads that provide gorgeous heart-warming vistas, and you simply need a luxurious drive with a limousine rental service.

And if you’re ready to go, make a note of these ideal locations for a road trip:

Scenic Drive #1: Ocean Drive

Travel your way through Sentosa’s breathtaking road. With its perfect harmony between nature and man-made attraction, the drive offers the treat of a lifetime. And when you want to enjoy a scenic view, head to Ocean Drive. Smell the salty aroma coming off the coastal breeze through the windows of your limousine car.

You may even instruct your chauffeur to pause so you can admire the view of the gorgeous turquoise waves of the sea. And if you’re lucky, you might glimpse some aquatic life since the area is home to millions of water species. A wonder you must see!

Scenic Drive #2: Bayfront Avenue

Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge, Esplanade, etc.—name it all, the roads of Bayfront Avenue touch every masterpiece. Every iconic landmark offers a unique sight, whether day or night.

Impress yourself with sparkling and dazzling city lights! From the soft glows to the vibrant lights, it depicts the city’s story in hues. You might even play the lyrics, “I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering, and splendid…”

Scenic Drive #3: Arcadia Road

Enjoy a road trip with the bright hue of green on Arcadia’s Road, 918 meters in length. As you travel along its road, just a short distance from the bustle of city life, you can feel how a shade of green relieves your stress. So, when you get there, tell your chauffeur to slow down as you approach the serene and picturesque avenue bordered by the beauty of trees.

Scenic Drive #4: Mount Faber

Explore the scenic roads of Mount Faber when you grow weary of the same old roadway. Surrounded by the breathtaking vista of lush greenery, be prepared to dance along nature’s chimes of old trees and wind blow as you approach the hilltop.

What more could you want than to relax in an affordable limousine service in Singapore while breathing with nature? Using a top-notch limousine rental service, you can combine elegance and comfort all at once.

Scenic Drive #5: Kranji

If you want to interact with animals, take a road trip to Kanji. The route is not only nature-driven but also home to Singapore’s only goat farm—Hay Diaries. When you visit there, wander how nature and local’s lifestyle work. Because you know, a trip where you can learn is a trip that is never forgotten.

Perfect Getaway with the Right Limousine Rental Service!

For the most distinctive yet reasonable limousine price in Singapore, turn to Top Limousine SG. To find out more, visit our website. Don’t delay your comfort; book a limousine or Singapore sightseeing bus tours with us!

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